A bunch of roses, handwritten notes, letters in the name of significant other, or chocolates – these things often come to mind whenever we hear of Valentine’s Day. It’s safe to say this is an important day for everyone who express love on this day for love. But, let’s dig into its significance and how February 14 came to known as Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day falls every on February 14. The Valentine’s Week starts on February 7 and every day of the week holds a significance among lovers.

As we know it or call it, it has different holiday origins. It has its roots in Christianity, as per History.com. Moreover, there were numerous Saint Valentines in the past and it is unclear on whose name the holiday is.

The first one was a priest in ancient Rome who defied Emperor Claudius II by secretly marrying young couples during a time when marriage was banned for young men. This defiance led to his execution.

Another Saint Valentine, St. Valentine of Terni, was a bishop who was
beheaded by Emperor Claudius and is considered by many to be the true inspiration for the holiday.
There are also several other legends associated with St. Valentine, including one story of an imprisoned Valentine who fell in love with a young girl who visited him. Before his death, it is said that Valentine wrote a letter to her and signed it "From your Valentine." This is considered to be the first Valentine's Day greeting. Although its true story is known, many consider the saint to be a brave, humble and romantic person.

The unclear history may upset many, but nevertheless, February 14 is known as a day for love. Valentine's Day also has roots in the Middle Ages when it was believed that the day marked the beginning of birds' mating season.

Written by the Economic Times.
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