If you are going to bake classic yeast buns, buns or prepare fruit dumplings, then know that their charms best underline classic plates in a light retro style, which were already popular with our grandmothers. Decorative pieces that already look sweet will fine-tune the serving of your favorite delicacies to perfection.

For example, the classic blue onion soup, which is famous all over the world and is popularly used for serving typical Czech dishes, including desserts, is suitable.

If you want to be a little original, you can try atypical pieces in a green shade. The green color perfectly complements the festive mood and elevates the Easter table and serving lamb or pancake. A lighter shade of pea green will remind you of the colors of spring grass and the first leaves of plants.

Choose warm colors that look optimistic and warm. Romantic colours such as pink, red, fuchsia or sky blue will also come in handy. Plates should also have a homely feel.

If you want to go with the times, know that there are herbarium-inspired plates in the course. Motifs of herbs and flowers will undoubtedly underline the charms of the served sweet dishes in style.

For serving sweet desserts and delicacies, traditional patterns are especially suitable. Popular are romantic floral motifs, as well as checkered or polka dots. A good choice is also patterns of lace, butterflies, fruits.

Do not be afraid of retro motifs and pieces from bazaars. Patina, on the other hand, adds style to the serving of classic desserts. We can also recommend the shaped edges of the plates in a slightly rococo to baroque style.

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