Mini Easter Egg flower vases.

Easter is just around the corner.. Yikes!  I found this cute craft idea online and thought I would share it with you

You could make as many as you want with this idea and line them up in a row down the middle of your table  (so cute)

You will need:

Pretty egg cups - as many as you want                                                                  Raw eggs                                                                                                                Sharp knife                                                                                                              Tiny little blooms of your choice

Gently crack the top of your egg with your knife and tip the inside out into a bowl then peel away until you have a nice shaped opening at the top.

Wash and dry the egg shells.  At this point you could paint the egg shells or decorate with glitter for extra pop!

Place your egg shell into your egg cups and fill with a tiny bit of water- just enough for the flower stems to sit in.

Create your little bunch of floral buds cutting them really short so they fit and then tie the stems with florist wire or string so they don't tip over and there you have it!


A pretty craft idea for Easter that is so simple and you can do it at home with your kids.

XO Pretty Homestyle

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