Gingham is such a pretty and playful pattern to decorate with and it easily transitions through all the seasons, and it looks classic.                              Gingham always works with just about every design style, whether your into preppy, coastal, modern or traditional, this versatile pattern will be a welcome addition to your home decor.

The History of Gingham : Gingham started out as a striped pattern back in the 17th century, but in the 18th century the fabric was woven into the lovely trademark check pattern we see today and gingham's popularity grew!

Since then, it's nearly always been a staple in the closet and home. It's made up of horizontal and vertical stripes of the same color on a white background making the check pattern we love.

You may remember Judy Garland's Dorothy wore a blue gingham dress in the Wizard of Oz ? and designers like to say that if you like it in your closet, there's a good chance you'll like it in your home.

So why not bring a little cheerful gingham in your home today!